Materials and Creation

In some Ancient times, people only relied on Nature to create whatever. They may not have had the chemical knowledge of it but they could create with what they would find. Today, we know so much more as far as the chemistry of everything and [...]

September 28, 2023|

New Tech

Today, we are hearing different terms as we all want to improve the Future: Low Tech, High Tech, frugality, etc.. We are launching the concept of New Tech a mix of basic Tech and High Tech selected based on their energy efficiency and "cleanliness", using [...]

September 25, 2023|

Being creator

Being Creator is wonderful. Creator of a better World. We can think about it and write about it or.. we can act.. The first step in acting can be by creating and restoring real things. Here we offer to create and restore real things while [...]

August 18, 2023|

Future evolution

We have based our evolution on a sedentary society. Continuing this way requires specific items. Through this website, we look at solutions for the basic specific items needed. We have seen that it is very important that, whatever society we want to create, it should [...]

July 28, 2023|


In our today world,  we are focusing on Technology. What about focusing on Humans while taking care of our surrounding? When everyone enjoys what he/she is doing, when everyone contributes and feels useful the right way, the whole energy is balanced. The first step is [...]

July 23, 2023|

Launch of the concept

We have been trying to launch this concept and involve in it some people but were told it is too Human.. How can a concept be too Human ? We will launch this ! This is for all of us. Making sure everyone enjoys what [...]

July 17, 2023|

Inner Light

Inner light Most of us have been and are looking at Divine Creatures outside of us. What if the Divine creature was within us, ALL OF US. We just forgot about it. We only think about our physical brain but there is more to us, [...]

July 15, 2023|

All together

We just realized we were actually focusing on the Past to create the Future as we were mentioning "Ancient techniques". There is absolutely no need to focus on the Past. We were focusing on Ancient Techniques, some people are focusing on Past events, on legends, [...]

July 14, 2023|

Respecting and helping each other

We are all Human but all unique. This is what makes our world beautiful and why we can do so many things. Some people like to think, others to work with their hands, others to stay in nature and so on. We can all work [...]

July 7, 2023|

Joy of Life

The "reindustrialization" era of the future is based on virtualization, robotics etc. But all these new technologies need:  -Lots of energy -Plenty of space (requires premises) -Many specific materials -A lot of initial investments. These new technologies are very useful in some areas but not [...]

July 4, 2023|

Connected trees

When we start learning about different things related to Nature, it really opens our mind. How trees are connected, how they feed each other, how they nurture each other. Thanks to some great studies on this, we know so much about it. We should rely [...]

June 8, 2023|

New Technologies

Before using any new technologies extensively, we need to figure out what is required to create and use them. Materials and resources are key.

May 15, 2023|

Resources from Earth

Earth offers us so many resources. Before using resources for new purpose, we need to look long term and figure out if, in the long term it will be beneficial for us and our surroundings. Like for new technologies, we need to use them at [...]

May 15, 2023|


Promoting everything which celebrates Nature as well as everything that is made while respecting us and Nature!

April 30, 2023|


Although we will always have to bring some Materials, Resource and products from other countries (like coffee for example), we can as much as possible use local Materials and Resource that Nature offers us and allows us to use. We do not need to disrupt [...]

April 23, 2023|


Using what Nature offers us and allows us to use....  

April 20, 2023|

Earth creators

We can all become Earth creators, people who create while taking care of us, of our surroundings mixing ancient techniques and new technology for a better world. Anyone can be part of it.  

April 18, 2023|

Urban versus Bush

There was an article about people "bush living" required to change to "urban living". What about a blend of both ways of living i.e. “urban living" and "bush living” taking only the best in both ways?      

April 4, 2023|


Just a few quotes from articles found right now: Names of the country and people quoting and quoted have been removed as it applies everywhere….. and quotes have been slightly changed... "Moving forward with vision and knowledge on one hand and heart centered centuries-old traditions [...]

April 3, 2023|

New way

Anyone creating "Art and Crafts" while respecting everyone, everything can be part of this. We will soon add artists as well as "artisans". If you know anyone, please contact us. We will review what they do, how they do it and figure out if we [...]

March 28, 2023|


To launch this project, the first step is to figure out which Ancient Culture was making "Art and Crafts" and more, respecting everyone, everything around.  

March 28, 2023|


Ancient cultures can teach us a lot on how to evolve from now on to create a beautiful world.  

March 10, 2023|


"Ancient Art and Crafts" created while: -Respecting Nature -Preserving a harmonious state at all times -Using what is meant to be used

February 23, 2023|


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