We just realized we were actually focusing on the Past to create the Future as we were mentioning “Ancient techniques”.

There is absolutely no need to focus on the Past.

We were focusing on Ancient Techniques, some people are focusing on Past events, on legends, past legends. Legends are legends.

We wrote the following somewhere else:

“Some people are focusing on the Past trying to understand who was who, what happened, why. Whatever legend we believe in, is not important. Whatever happened in the Past is not important. What is important is to all join and all work together. We do not need to depend on the Past. Just Read “We respect each other when we do not depend but choose to work together”. What if suddenly we were forgetting about all the past, about all the legends we were believing in, and this worldwide, and focus on the Future, on creating a better World. We can do so much all together.””

What we want to achieve through this site is gathering all the current knowledge allowing any Person to live a Joyful, Happy life.

We will soon update the site accordingly.



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