The “reindustrialization” era of the future is based on virtualization, robotics etc. But all these new technologies need:

 -Lots of energy

-Plenty of space (requires premises)

-Many specific materials

-A lot of initial investments.

These new technologies are very useful in some areas but not all.

In everything, a balance is needed.

In the era of tomorrow, we need a balance between digital, virtual, robotics, artificial intelligence, humans and what surrounds us.  “Humans” still need a place in the strategy of the future… in the society of the future…

While everyone is focusing on the innovative technologies of tomorrow replacing the human, we could first look at everything that humans can and want to do so that humans still have a place in the society and then bring the new technology.

Every person can regain the joy of  life by not only doing what he/she enjoys but by feeling useful and respected.

Well-being of everyone while respecting everyone and everything.