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When we take care of Earth, we take care of us.

What we are offering

-A Platform for the promotion of  any Product, Art and Service that meet the objectives defined below. For anything to be listed, an approval is required to ensure that this complies with the set standards defined by us.

-An Analysis and Diagnosis Center to help any entity as well as anyone assess their environment.

-A Global center offering:

                          – solutions based on assessments.

                          -Assistance, help and support for Creation of Products, Arts and Services following those concepts.

-A Research center gathering all information and knowledge that exist to better achieve this objective and this in all areas to ensure that the right solutions are provided. 

Note: Our goal is not to create an open platform because we want to verify any information included in the site and make sure it is viable and accurate.

Objectives and Criteria

-Promoting all what is created while respecting Humans, Nature, Earth and all our surroundings.

-Focusing on the quality of life of each human while preserving and, when needed, improving our surroundings

-Using Materials and Resource that Nature offers and allows us to use, to create in the safest and healthiest way for us and everything that surrounds us, taking into account Nature, the “ecological balance”, Biochemistry and all associated Sciences, Biodiversity and our environment, and this, in all phases of transformation of those Materials and Resource into a finished product that also meets these criteria.

In all cases, not only the process of creation but also the final product and its evolution at any stage within its life cycle must have a positive impact on us and what surrounds us.

-Ensure that each type of material is used equitably across all areas and domains for the purpose of managing the earth’s resources.