Inner light

Most of us have been and are looking at Divine Creatures outside of us.

What if the Divine creature was within us, ALL OF US.

We just forgot about it. We only think about our physical brain but there is more to us, all of us.

We all have our inner light. It is like if at one point, we all switched off this inner light. We just need to turn it on again.

Are we all connected like, the trees are?

How beautiful would it be then if we would all switch back on our inner light.

We are so lucky to be humans.

What if, to turn back on our inner light, we would just need to reconnect to our Heart? Is it what makes us all special? Because we, Humans all have a Beautiful heart ? Is it that we forgot about it? If this is the case, let’s use our heart ! Whatever happens, let’s send love from our heart. We can all try this.



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