Main  Objective



We are promoting not only “Ancient” Art and Crafts but as well the current local creation of Art, Crafts and Products, using not only “Ancient techniques” but Materials and Resources Nature offers us locally and allows us to use. It is more important now than ever to live in symbiosis with our surrounding, with Nature.

Anyone having “Ancient Art and Crafts” can contact us. We will figure out which Materials were used and why. If in line with the concept, we will add to our database.

Anyone currently creating not only Art and Crafts but as well, anything, using as a basis, materials coming directly from the Nature, mainly locally available,  can contact us. We will review the creations  and if in line with our concept, will add to our database.

 Anyone currently creating, also using “innovative ancient techniques”, can contact us even if the Materials currently used are not pure. We could together select pure Materials.

Note: The use of materials coming from recycling,  in the current creation, can be considered but, to make them “clean” and reuse the basic materials, the techniques must be in line with our concept.