Key points

-Promoting all what is created while respecting Humans, Nature, Earth and all our surroundings.

-Focusing on the quality of life of each human while preserving and, when needed, improving our surroundings

-Using Materials and Resource that Nature offers us and allows us to use to create, in the least harmful, safest and healthiest way for us and everything that surrounds us, without distorting nature, without disturbing the ecological balance, biodiversity and our environment, and this, in all phases of transformation of those Materials and Resources into a finished product that also meets these criteria.

-Ensure that the use of each type of material is done equitably across all areas and domains for the purpose of managing the earth’s resources.

-The areas we focus on are the creation of all types of products, including all types of Art, the construction and restoration of old  and Ancient buildings.

We need to take care of Earth and therefore take care of us !

What we offer:

-A platform for the promotion and sales of  products and services that meet the objectives defined above as much as possible. Only members can list. For any product or service to be listed, an approval is required to make sure any product and service listed is in line with the above.

-For our members, an assistance, help and support in the creation of such products and services, so that people create as close as possible to this concept but also, so that more products and services are created accordingly, all supported by a review of all information and knowledge that may exist to better accomplish this objective.

We look for the right information and share what we think are the best solutions as we research, so that we can not only improve the way we create but as well allow more people to create this way following this concept. Research centers are not always the places where people discover the most. Discoveries also come from practice. We want to combine the 2: contact the largest research centers in the world and give a voice to anyone who practices and /or has any knowledge whatsoever…

Who can benefit from the site and therefore register:

-Any person already creating and wishing to promote and sell products and services (after our approval)

 -Anyone already working in these fields and wishing to find new information in order to create more in line with our concept.

-Anyone wishing to start creating and selling their products and services

-Anyone who wants to teach to others and assist others.

-Anyone wishing to learn either general information or for different reasons ( create as a hobby, create for themselves, renovate their home, cliamte emergency, etc.)

-Any holiday center, school, etc. to find activities around nature

-Anyone wishing to support a good cause and have general information on our activities.

Note: Our goal is not to create an open platform (blog where everyone can comment) because we want to verify any information put on the site and ensure that it is viable.